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Methodically working with the website gave Cloetta the lead again

Yesterday the results of this year's Webranking was presented. Cloetta took the first place this year again and we asked some questions to Susanne Larsson who works with HR and communication at Cloetta.

What's the trick behind you doing well and making great progress with your website? Do you have some examples to share? 

We work methodically to revise and develop our web, which we think is a recipe for success. We work with a very ambitious and comprehensive annual report and reflect large parts of it on the website. Being ready with your primary target groups to put the focus where it is needed is also a success factor.

How does Webranking help develop your website?

With Webranking we will have access to the necessary tools to develop the most comprehensive service provided by With the benchmarking Comprend offers, we can develop what our primary target groups are looking for.

If we look at the areas that stands out in the report - increase video on websites and clearer presentation digitally by corporate sustainability. How do you think about that? 

Cloetta's sustainability work is long-term, but we continuously discusses and develops how we communicate it. The sustainability of all major companies has changed focus a lot in recent years, where Cloetta has been well in phase. With regard to communication channels, video is something that is quickly and easily accessible to the person who is interested in the company. Of course we want to meet that desire too. 

What do you think about the fact that most companies do not keep track of IR, to digitally present the outlook for their company and the market as a whole? 

Since long Cloetta has a policy of not communicating forecasts or commenting on the future more than in goals and vision. In the IR area we believe that skills, time and resources - and habits to work in a new way when you have worked roughly on the same way with the web in the last 5-10 years, can explain why IR does not get that much focus by others.


For questions about Webranking and the results of the year, contact Viktoria Enmark, Head of Webranking, at +46 76 109 05 08 or

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