The Comprend
Careers Report

The need to know

Your Careers section is only as good as the insight you have. In order to offer relevant content to potential candidates, you first need to understand what it is that they look for.

To help you in the quest of finding out what job seekers expect from companies' websites and social media, we went and asked them.

We surveyed employees, self-employed professionals, students and unemployed people, to better understand what exactly they look for and how you can meet their expectations and requirements.





This report aims at helping you understand what job seekers, professionals, students and the unemployed look for, both in social media and in corporate websites, how trustworthy do they think each of those channels are, and what you should be sharing in each of them. We will also give you some best practice examples by companies that we scored in this year’s Webranking, along with some tips from respondents and Comprend experts.

"In the same way we research online which travel agent to use for our next trip or which restaurant to go to, job seekers are also researching online to find relevant information about a potential employer. If job seekers cannot find the information they want, it is highly likely that they might ignore that employer and move on to the next company."

Kim Lind - Comprend's HR specialist

Knowing your audience

At the end of the day, how can you know what is the most important content to offer in your corporate website? Is general information about the company and its mission relevant to potential candidates? Do they care about testimonials at all? Should you offer text or video testimonials?

And how about social media? What are job seekers looking for in each medium? And do they trust information in social media channels, even if they are official? Are social media channels equal in terms of their trustworthiness?

Eventually, it all boils down to knowing your audience – who is it that you intend to potentially recruit? Is it mainly millennials? Do you know how they behave, and which media they usually access the most? According to Sara Hernandez, Social media expert at Comprend: “We know that there are a lot of millennials on Instagram”, for example, but the real message here is: find out where your target group is. Only then can you begin to decide on the type of content to share in each medium.

And how exactly can you find out where your audience is? Surveying them to understand which social media they use the most is one way, as is looking at your website's analytics to understand which social media platforms generate the most traffic.

And do not worry, we will also give you some insights on what is considered the most important medium and what information you should be offering in each one.