Capital Market 
Report ​2017

Highlights from 2017

  1. Similarly to last year, independent sources of information like news agencies and newspapers are the preferred source for capital market participants to gather corporate information.

  2. Companies’ corporate websites are the most trusted source of information.

  3. The use of apps for corporate information decreased 2% when compared to last year within capital market respondents.

  4. The number of users typing companies URL to access websites keeps decreasing while the use of external search engines like Google increases.

  5. Site and pages loading speed is more important for this audience than the good looks or availability of interactive features and infographics.

  6. While 70% of respondents access corporate websites through their desktops on a daily basis, only 15% of respondents do so through a smartphone. However, 54% access corporate sites at least once a week via smartphone.

  7. Companies’ annual report is still the most important content for capital markets stakeholders.

Capital market participants are not just interested on key financial figures and companies’ dividend policies.

To tackle the demands of these stakeholders companies need to be transparent even on the most basic details such as the address of their head office.

Not only that but these stakeholders are also sensitive to pages loading speed, responsiveness and findability.

As corporate websites are the most trustworthy source of information about the company, this channel should be as complete and engaging as possible.

External search engines like Google keep raising their importance as more people use them to find what they are looking for on the web. IR content is not an exception. About 55% of respondents confess to use it. For that, it is vital that corporate content is searchable and well labeled.

Moreover, because website users pass by homepages and enter on websites directly on the page of the content they searched for, companies should provide a smooth and continuous navigation to the rest of the website.

Most important content for capital market participants


Annual reports


Interim reports


Investor contact


Financial targets


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Financial presentations