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Helping BBVA on their journey towards digital transformation

As a pioneer of digital banking, BBVA recently took another important step in its journey towards digital transformation. The company …

As a pioneer of digital banking, BBVA recently took another important step in its journey towards digital transformation. The company commissioned us to enhance and improve its annual report by putting digital first and using the medium to make the content come to life.

We were commissioned to advance our previous year’s work with BBVA’s digital annual reports and take one step further towards digitalisation. That said, we wanted to tell the story of “BBVA in 2014” in a more compact and accessible format – compared to the previous 80 page executive summary.

A fully digital solution

In order to accomplish this, we needed to go fully digital. In previous years, the design, content and layout of the digital report was fully dictated by that of the printed version. Having the restriction of adhering to a printed report meant that BBVA could not unlock the full potential of digital.

With the “BBVA in 2014 Executive Summary”, we created a unique, bespoke digital experience, taking into account each reader’s needs and interest levels, which resulted in a page view increase of 128% and a 72% increase in unique visitors in comparison to last year’s report.

The outcome

  • A simple and modern digital report that respects the BBVA brand, while pushing boundaries.
  • A fully responsive site – catering to the needs of today’s reader.
  • Offers the ability to track traffic and analytics, which proves ROI.
  • No one left behind. To fully cater to the needs of each reader, a PDF of the full online report and other BBVA financial reports were included.

Digital transformation

A very important aspect of the digital world is not simply try to recreate similar behaviours in digital format. It is extremely important to identify what is the best use of each tool at our disposal. In this case, the combination of video, the web, images and PDF has created a full and varied platform for BBVA´s annual report that will interest and engage more stakeholders and a wider audience than ever before.

Visit the “BBVA in 2014 Executive Summary” here

For more information about how we work with digital annual reporting, please contact Magnus Backteman at or +46 76 109 05 59.

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