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Consilio International becomes part of H&H Group

Get started with accessibility: our 10 top tips

Learning how to make your website accessible to disabled people can be daunting at first. Because accessibility is not taught or talked about enough, it can feel like there’s a lot to learn and the tools we have don’t always make it easy.

New faces at Comprend

The Comprend family is growing and we are happy to welcome new colleagues to our Stockholm, London and Lisbon teams. Meet our new friends!

Netherlands perform well but lack some CSR and IR information

This year’s Webranking by Comprend reviewed, scored and ranked 778 internationally listed companies based on how well their corporate websites meet the requirements of stakeholders, jobseekers and digital audiences.

Increase conversion with data-driven design

The majority of designers have to start their design work before receiving copy or customer data. And yet the design is, along with the copy, expected to solve the clients’ problems. Working with a data-driven design process is a helpful way of working when making design decision.

Inspiration from Webbdagarna in Stockholm

The theme of this year’s Webbdagarna, arranged by Internetworld, was around the speed of new technology, marketing, VR and AI. But something that came up throughout the conference was that people and their needs are leading the development of technology and not the other way around.

How to make your employees your top influencers

What we read, see or hear within our personal and professional networks is more relevant than ever when we make choices and decisions. Creating engaging content for your employees to share is one way to make your stories heard in those networks.


Tech for good and the rise of the collective

Our friends Sandra and Hannes from Hallvarsson & Halvarsson attended this years SXSWconference. Find their interesting insights in this guest blog post.

Careers section: Hit or miss?

Europe’s 500 largest companies have made a slow progress in attracting talent through their digital channels according to Webranking by Comprend. This year’s research which focused on the effectiveness of corporate exchanges over digital channels showed that when it comes to the Careers section the results are not as encouraging as they should be.

3 days at Episerver Ascend

Comprend’s backend developer Petra took the opportunity to attend Episervers flagship conference Ascend in Las Vegas this year. These are the things she learned and brought back with her to Sweden.

Increase in score but Belgian companies lag behind rest of Europe

The results of Webranking 2016-2017 show that Belgium’s largest companies do not perform as well as their European counterparts in satisfying their key stakeholders' content needs. Compared to the top performing countries in Europe that scored 64,8 points (Finland), Belgian companies average score ended up at a total of 39,4 points.

German corporate websites improve company introductions

Unlike last year's intensifying of the digital corporate communications activities in Germany, Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 found no significant improvement in the digital content presented by German listed companies. The average slightly declined by 0.3 points since last year from 46.3 to 46.0 points out of a total of 100. Improved content areas include financial reporting, corporate governance, press and company introductions while there is a lag in the general information related to investors and the share.

Digital corporate communications: the gap widens between top performers and the rest

The 20th annual edition of Webranking by Comprend, the leading in-depth research in digital communications at major listed companies, found that front-running French companies are pulling decisively ahead while laggards seem to fall desperately behind. Construction and concession Group VINCI conquered this year’s first place by achieving 66.0 points, an unprecedented score in France since the inception of Webranking.

Danish corporate websites improved in 9 out of 10 areas

The 20th edition of Webranking by Comprend shows that Danish corporate websites better meets the demands and needs of digital audience such as business journalists, analysts, investors and jobseekers. By increasing the performance in all areas, except for the share section, Denmark reaches the second best performance among all Nordic countries following Finland. In spite of this, Danish companies achieve mid-range performance in all of the areas surveyed which shows a great potential for improvements.


How to boost the relationship with journalists through your website

Get to know what features business journalists expect to find on corporate websites like yours. Every year Comprend surveys business journalists and other stakeholders to find out the most relevant content they're after.

Webranking surveys – Why so important?

Our annual surveys help us find out how companies should prioritise when developing content and features on their websites. One may think that journalists are more interested in the websites’ Press section while jobseekers just focus on job adverts on the Careers page. However, thanks to our surveys we know that is not the truth.


In the light of the Data Protection Day

Topics such as online privacy and data security privacy has been all the rage lately with the Snowden movie in cinemas worldwide during autumn, the buzz around fake news and Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. To mention a few events that have attracted a lot of attention and is much debated nowadays.

Think through your use of passwords!

Security should always be a top priority. Usernames and passwords falling into the wrong hands is a big threat to intrusions and hoaxes on the Web.

Snam, Wärtsilä and Eni the best online communicators in Webranking by Comprend

The Financial Times’ Investors Chronicle reported exclusively today the findings of Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 European edition. The research is conducted by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist. 

Overfitting: is your website "too good"?

It's the beginning of the year and a time when you might look over your plans and goals going forward. This reflection is important because sometimes your measurements of success can tell a very different story than the success you’re trying to measure.

Swiss Post crowned best online communicator among Swiss non-listed companies

The Swiss business weekly Bilanz reported exclusively today the findings of the latest Webranking by Comprend 2016 Switzerland Non-listed edition in collaboration with Lundquist. The findings reveal that the gap between companies who strive to communicate credibly and those who fail to provide adequate information is widening. 

Norwegian companies need to improve their web presence

The 20th edition of Webranking by Comprend found that Norwegian listed companies have raised their web presence by increasing the average score with 3.5 points compared to last year. However, the overall average score of 40.8 out of 100 shows that corporate websites of Norwegian companies need to improve to better meet the needs of important stakeholders. Orkla's website is an exception and is ranked as number 1 in Norway.

Investor relations and careers – the continual weak spots of Spanish digital corporate communications

The 20th annual edition of Webranking by Comprend, the leading in-depth research in digital communications at major listed companies, found that Spanish listed companies have made slow progress in the way they communicate with investors and prospective employees.

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