​Capital Market Report

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Communicating with the capital market

Phil Marchant, Managing Partner - Comprend UK

Knowing what information your capital market stakeholders want and need is an important ingredient for creating the best possible corporate website.

These stakeholders use the corporate website as a key source of information, so stale or irrelevant content has the potential to damage your reputation.

Aside from those benefits, providing comprehensive financial information increases transparency and trust, which is vitally important in today’s corporate world. 

Given the pivotal role of your key stakeholders, understanding:

  • who the capital market stakeholders are
  • what information they need
  • where they find it
  • how best to present it

...can make a big difference in the financial success of a corporation. We’ve surveyed nearly 350 capital market stakeholders to answer these questions and help you fine-tune your corporate site to better fulfil the needs of these individuals.

We call it the Capital Market Survey - and these are the results. 




We asked business journalists, analysts and investors how they use corporate websites and social media when looking for information about listed companies.

Included were questions about general company and press information, as well as information about reporting, share, IR, governance and CSR. The demand for fundamental functions was also investigated.

341 stakeholders from 20 sectors across 5 continents, participated in the Capital Market Survey in 2015. Based on the findings, we present our tips on how to create engaging online corporate content tailored to the needs of the capital market.