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Career Report


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Talent and HR specialist 

Tommie Cau, Comprend

Finding the right job candidate is a difficult process and there’s no perfect potion to success. We at Comprend want to help companies demystify the range of tools at our digital disposal in order to better meet the needs of jobseekers - and in turn, help you recruit the right individuals.  

We have surveyed a range of employees, students and senior staff members to learn about what sources they use to find job vacancies, career information and what content companies should provide in order to compete in a competitive labour market. 

In this report, we explore the findings of the Career Survey to help organisations better communicate with jobseekers and future employees.





The Career Report

We asked students and employees how they use social media and corporate websites when looking for a job, as well as what type of content they are interested in. 120 people aged 18-55 from 20 countries across the world participated in the Career Survey. We have broken down the survey results and compiled tips on how you can create engaging online career content.