Web Management Report 2017

The upcoming chapters will give you insights about budgets, priorities and levels of digital managers' satisfaction with their current practices. In addition to the results of our survey, we share valuable tips on how to improve digital communications. These can be seen as a toolkit for the development of engaging communications on most digital channels.

Digital trends in 2017

This year’s Web Management survey by Comprend revealed the importance of content in corporate communications and the scarcity of resources that  companies allocate SEO, analytics and social media to strengthen their online presence.

Another important finding is the lengths to which companies go to in order to make access secure for visitors to navigate their websites, as shown by the replies of 80% of respondents.

Yet, only about 45% of respondents state they have added an SSL certificate to their corporate website.

The 130 respondents to the survey are mostly from large, publicly traded, European companies where they have high corporate communications roles. Their responses reflect the progress their companies have made and show how they have coped with the fast pace of technological advancements in digital communications.

Input data


130 responses



94 companies in all


47% of companies from the Europe 500


15 countries 

Composition of respondents

Key challenges according to Web Managers


"To be in the right context at the right time with the right words"


"Follow the pace in digital trends"


“How can we get our message across effectively?”


"Developing fast enough to follow market trends and to explore new possibilities"


"Define an overarching digital strategy, based on our target groups"


"Creating enough content to keep our digital presence up to date and changing"